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RFID Collars for dogs, or for humans

RFID collars for dogs

Good idea. I can also constitute a great necklace for humans

Bookmarlet is good

You don't know bookmarlet ? Discover it :
9 bookmarklets Google indispensables

An image equals 1000 words

...or not

Agrandir le plan

How to kill public TV ? Lesson 2

French public TV is every day more in danger !

After empeaching French public TV to have advertisment during evening programs, governement plans to empeach them to begin their evening shows/films sooner.

Why ?
Because if public channels begin its programs sooner, TV viewers would prefer watch it instead of wathcing advertisment passed from 8.35PM to 8.55PM on private channels.

So goverment has the solution to save private channels : Public channels might be obliged to pass short films on education, health, Europe, etc., until 8.55PM and begin its progams like private channels.
So that, private channels might recover every TV viewers bored by stupid short films of public channels.


News of the day – Economy return to normal

CAC 40 reached less than 3 000 points. Damned we "lost" about ten years of prosperity.

Looking at CAC 40 historic graph I'm reassured :

In reality It's not now the problem it's from 99' to 08'. Economy burn out, now it's calm down. Now prices will calm down, salary too, oil price too, energy consumption too, ... earth and global warming too I hope.

Public TV is about to be slaughtered and humans will disapear, good’ay

French public TV slowly but, surely killed by French government :

Less advertisement minutes to sell, less budgets, and, now less taxes for private channels.

Private channels owners are President's friends, and it seems to be good to be one on these wealthy guys.

Second news of the day, humans produce less quantity of semen, less semen leads to less chance to have a baby, leads to less baby, leads to the end of the human race (without science help).

The cause ? What we eat and ... everything else. Everything around us is potentially toxic. All must be changed and rebuilt from scratch.

A huge yard !

Conclusion : All, enjoy life and promise that if you become a powerful person, don't shamelessly overpromote your friends, despising poor people.

Eurostar’s CEO mailed me !

Bonjour Mickael,

Je vous écris pour vous donner les dernières informations concernant notre service suite à l'incident survenu dans le tunnel sous la Manche en septembre dernier.

Cet incident a été causé par un feu à bord d'une navette Eurotunnel transportant des poids lourds. Si personne n'a été blessé, le feu a sérieusement endommagé une section du tunnel nord côté français. Les autorités enquêtent toujours sur les causes exactes de l'incident, et Eurotunnel (gérant du tunnel) nous a assuré de la bonne progression des travaux.

Pendant la durée de ces travaux, les trains doivent éviter la section endommagée et entrer et sortir par le tunnel sud.

En conséquence, nous assurons 93% de notre service habituel et les trains doivent circuler à une vitesse réduite, allongeant les temps de trajet de 20 minutes environ. Pour consulter nos horaires provisoires, cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous.

La fin des travaux est prév…

Fruits & vegatables will now be sold, even if they are not perfectly designed.

Image via WikipediaGreat day for Nature in Europe !

Fruits & vegatables will now be sold, even if they are not perfectly designed.
It means that less will be trashed, just because they're not well shaped.

Less prodution will be needed, less eneregy will be consumed to produce, transport, and destroy these fruits & vegetables, leading to less polution ... and less producers will be needed, that's the dark side of the good news.

Perhaps, I will make prices decrease ! Be optimistic !

That was the good news of the day !

source : NouvelObs

Wizzgo must survive

A french service was born a few month ago. It's name is Wizzgo.

It permits to record TV channels on the computer, whether your are connected or not.
The ergonomy of the service is marvelous. Is answer a french consumer need :
VCR is has been, Internet acces boxes are not easy to use for recording purpose, and Tivo doesn't exist in France
Unfortunatly, it seems to be illegal to record french channels i it's not for private use.
Wizzgo has lost a trial against "France Television". I think the other channels will follow them soon.

It's now time for Wizzgo, to become TV channel's friendly. They are powerful, they want to lock their audience, and they will destroy every potential risk. I hope they'll find an agreement soon because this service is wonderful !

Google suggest make us free sheeps

Image via WikipediaWith Google, you can search what you want, find what you want, you're to-ta-ly FREE !

In facts, you are too lazy to scroll, so only the five first items of the first page have a chance to be seen by you and are, for 95% of google users, the "good content" kindly selected for us by Google.

With google suggest, another filter drive you to the "good search" before drivng you to the "good conent".

Google seems to follow the easier strategy for now :
Massive search power.
The number is the only judge.
No quality, quantity.

Semantic analyse, dig-like systems, or other qualitative technologies seems to still be too complicated, we have to wait folks !

Intelligent cars, the solution !

Communiating cars are about to arrive

My childhood dreams realise !

"Stupid fucking car" might finish to be a non sense soon ! :D

Google make us multilanguages

Google auto translate RSS feeds in Google Reader

Is it simply "one action less to do" ?

No it’s a step to the "babel web", I mean the web without any language barrier.

Okay, Google translate translations, until now, are a bit "basic", but within 3 or 4 years, translation technologies will improve and we'll enjoy to speak with Germans on Gtalk, reading Spanish IT experts posts, and sending auto translate mails to Vietnamese people.

Nice future uh?

Ok, now Google just have to find a solution to auto translate our face to face talks, with and without network.

working until we die

French government prepare us to work until 70.

Scandalous ? Men live on average 83 ans in France and women 87.
So , if we work until 70, we have 13 (17 for women) to travel, read, learn how to play music, etc.
Isn't it enough ?

Of course, for physically difficult jobs, it's different...they work hard and they must be privielged.

But for jobs "in front of a PC" why not ? With partial times, I think I could work till my 70's retirement.

Take a picture and you have the object

Image via WikipediaL' published a very interesting information :
With a simple photo of keys, intelligent guys manage to reproduce these keys.

With such ideas, camera and photophones will be banned in many places...
...and everybody would have to hide his house and car keys.

Let's go further :
If i take o photo of the eye the face or the palm of somebody... I'll be able to reproduce it and then, will be able to "pass" all his eye /face / palm recognition locking systems.

If I mix this "innovation" with another, the body scanner, everything would be impossible to hide, and so on possible to photograph and fianlly to copy.

Great ! I love innovations like that, future will be funny !

Happy Halloween