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The future of web is « no scrolling pages »

Like many people :
- You print every article which contains more than 30 lines
- You destroy your eyes reading exiting things on Internet
- You don't read whole sentences, you jump from words to words trying to understand the principal idea, and become stupid.

What's the 2 problems ?
- The little one I don't want to develop : Your screen is note made for human eyes (the Kindle seems to be a first solution to make screens human eyes friendly)
- The other one. We dont'l like reading vertically moving texts ! Human eyes and human brain is not abletodo it.

Take a book, ok, block your head, and try to read pages, moving it vertically in front of your eyes. It's horrible !!! But it's Internet !!!
Perhaps Japanese, who read vertically love the Internet way of reading, but I'm not.

And I ask webdisigners, please, eliminate scrolling, make static text, make pages with no scrollbars.
If you want people in your site for a long time and every day, give them an easy to read blo…

Manufacturing consent : Democracy surgery (must be seen) by Noam Chomsky

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Wow. I've ever read Noam Chomsky but never watched yet.
What a speech control, he masters the art of debate and conference animation.

I invite you to take a Sunday afternoon to watch Manufacturing Consent (Part 1 and Part 2 in English, French sub.) by Noam Chomsky. You'll become more "intelligent" than the Sunday night before. ;)

My point of viewafter the film :

Professor Chomsky underlines the importance of "bottom up information", I mean information produced by citizen and shared between then. I think he actually must love possibilities offered by internet today and the "power loss" of mass media !

But ! But Pr. Chomsky says propaganda is, to democracy, what violence is to dictatorship.
I don't know if I'm understandable, I'm not English. I mean dictatorship control people with violence; "powerful leading people of democracies" control people with propaganda and media control.

If democracies lost control of info…

Google trend’s sex mystery

If somebody can explain why every end of year "sex" word queries boost while news with the word "sex" fall, I listen to him carefully ...

Valentine debrief : more news, less queries

Google trends show us.

Less searches = less presents ?

Media love scary crisis

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First point, I've the impression that Media only deals about crisis negatively, trying to scare people. They maintain the recession trend, the deflation trend.
When I read my RSS feeds, I see ideas to change the world, I see people who explain how they keep going on during crisis, I see people who decide to change their habits of overconsuming, and see the crisis as an opportunity to change their way of life, our way of life.
Crisis make people change their vision of world, their vision of economy, and of consuming society.
In several countries or regions, people go on strike, they manifest, they doesn't want to play the game of capitalist system, they stop consuming and they stop being money focused. Why nobody put it in the first plan in generalist media. It's exciting, it interests people ?!
I think they are not interest in way of life and economic system change, and they don't want to see people interested in. Media belongs to big industrial compa…

A shop with only best sellers, great idea init ?

link to the article in french.
the concept is japanese, never seen it before in Europe, and would like to !

Give name to cows, you have more productivity