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Classic music can't be seized.

English: Introduction and descending motif from the first movement of Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 6 in F major (Pastoral) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Classic Music is different.

Because it can't be seized.
It's un-formatted.
Because fans of classic music don't like Symphony No 7 of Beethoven. They like the No7 in A Major played by the orchestra X the 2nd of may 2010.
It's a mix of sounds, rhythm, intensity, personal touches. Even sometimes the low quality of some songs make them unique and powerful.

When my hard drive burnt. I found through torrents all of my pop music and rock albums within days except my classic music folder. Indeed, it was composed of songs grabbed in YouTube and among hundreds of albums of different players, different orchestras, some were live, some studio, I wasn't able to found them again.

By extension, electronic music is quite similar.
Its DNA is not 3 min formatted songs. It's mixes and mixes are live, they are hardly s…

Vine and Tout iOS apps, symbols of the end of the photo era... replaced by the video one

Actress Lillian Gish (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Following previous posts in French "l'image fixe est elle morte ?", "au delà de l'image, mémoriser les sons", et  "Cinemagram, prémices de la photo de demain", here is a new one about the future of the photo or, my take on this future, the replacement of the photo by short video.

This time, I'll talk about Tout, an iOS app and Vine, another iOS app.

What is Tout?
Tout is a real-time information network for up-to-the-minute video updates across news, sports, politics, entertainment, or whatever moves you.

What is Vine?
Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see...
Vine videos last 6 seconds maximum.
Vine is a Twitter brand.

I'm persuaded that photo will soon become something rare, a niche activity for "experts", "passionate people", a bit like painting, sculpture, silen…

The key of the cloud + offline world: the buffer

Buffer = essential cog (Photo credit: kevinzim) In an hybrid world where cloud is mixed with offline, as seen on my previous post, the most important thing to handle is the buffer.

 What does it mean? 

 If people do something offline it has to be replicated online. If people do something online it has to be replicated offline.
All offline channels : PC app, business PC app, tablet app, mobile app.

 How is it possible?

3 ways:

 - End to end offline/online app.
 Like Dropbox, Reeder, or the Blogger app I actually use to write this blogpost offline, it's fully transparent, fully cross-channel. Some apps miss some channels in their end-to-end approach. See Deezer, I have my music available offline on my mobile, my tablet but on my PC, I have to be connected to open the Deezer webpage. The missing point: a PC app/client.

 - Externalized.
 Todo, a todolist app rely on Dropbox to ensure that all the Todo apps are synchronized. It ask permission to stock a backup file on the Dropbox accoun…

Full cloud, full offline, please apps developers, stop making choices!!!

(Photo credit: illustir)
What is the common point between:

Readability, Pocket (two "read it later" apps),Dropbox, GDrive, (three cloud hard drives),Deezer, Spotify (two music streaming services),Dailymotion (a video streaming service),Reeder (an RSS reader),Todo (an iOS todo management app),Runkeeper (an iOS sport activity recorder),Blogger (a blogging iOS app) ???

They have all understood!

They have understood that a full online or a full cloud content or service access is not the solution.

Our batteries are two weak to download data all the time.Our networks are too weak to download data all the time.Our mobile plans are too weak to download data all the time.

Content and services have to be available offline and replicated in the cloud.
Content and services have to be available in the cloud and replicated offline.

Three ways to do that:

BYOC: Bring your own cloud. Like Deezer, Runkeeper, Blogger or Pocket. They rely on their own cloud and they own app to propose of…

Wishlist for 2013 - Google Reader

Google, you have bought Postrank, a marvelous app that rate posts on Google Readerand filter it using ratings and sunset it.
Please make something with it.
I miss it a lot when reading Techcrunch feed pushing 20 articles a day!

Apps I love: Zite

You know Flipboard, the famous mobile articles reader.
Please give a chance to Zite.

Why is it as cool as Flipboard?
- It search good things to read for you. Give Zite keywords and it'll retrieve you nice content. Rate what Zite brings you and it will improve.
- That's all! Yes Zite focuses on one thing and do it well offering a great experience.
You won't pass hours on the app but you'll enjoy the surprise to discover what Zite brings you.

Apps I love: Pocket

The ex name of Pocket is "Read it later".
It allows you to bookmark articles and download them for later offline reading.

Why is it so cool?
- Offline reading is cool in the metro, when the mobile network is weak.
- Having one place to store all articles is cool. Wether you use Google Reader, Twitter, Flipboard, Reeder, Facebook, you just send the link to or copy-past the link to read later in the iOS app and it's done.
- Pocket rendering is good. The app format article nicely.
Bonus: Pocket archive all bookmarked articles and allow tagging. Cool for heavy readers.

Try it and tell me.

Facebook Wishlist for 2013

Just 3 thing Mark:
- A "read it later" or "star" or "send link" button on posts.
- A "search on newsfeed" feature. To search specific words on our newsfeeds.
- Easy to handle folders with dedicated newsfeeds. Favorite and Interest feed are good a try but please...

If Facebook want to be a real news reading site, it must have such Google Reader style features.