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Buddhism in 2050: Worldwide stagnation, booming in wealthy countries

Pew Research made a great survey on religions future.
It's a HUGE survey, a prospective one, from 2010 to 2050.
You can find it here, for free.

Who is PEW? You don't know them?
They produce a lot of great stats and Conrad Hackett, demographer is one of my favorite Twitter following.
Here is their mission:
"We generate a foundation of facts that enriches the public dialogue and supports sound decision-making. We are nonprofit, nonpartisan and nonadvocacy. We value independence, objectivity, accuracy, rigor, humility, transparency and innovation."

You can read this survey for many reasons:

check how big your religion will be in 2050,check how big the booming religion of the moment, Islam, will be in 2050,check which religion will select the biggest atheist population, China.etc.
Why I read it: Buddhism I read it to see the future of my favorite religion, Buddhism.
If you know me, no need to explain. I can explain you why I'm a big fan of this religion for hours.
If y…

No need to speak up, spending money wisely is enough

You want to support a cause, make the world better?
No need to speak up, no need to take risk, no need to go outside and make some noise.
You have already the most powerful tool to do it: your money.

Indeed, you earn a certain amount of money per month.

The way you earn and spend it is everything
You want to limit Climate change: Spend your money accordingly. Work for a company limiting footprint.
You don't like Monsanto: Spend your money accordingly. Work for an organic food related company.
You think Tesla can change the world: work for them, buy Tesla stocks.
You think war is not good: Give money to political parties against war.

The result is enormous.
Why do you think Coca Cola created "Life"?
Because people buy less Diet Coke because they're afraid of aspartam.
Do you think supermarket sell more and more organic food because they want to change the world?
No. It's just because people want it.
Taxis in France are creating a nice mobile app to book them, they…

6 great iOS apps I use every day and you don't even know - May 2015

I'd like to spend some time to share with you my favorite iOS Apps.
I don't use a lot if apps, I'm very selective.
I spend hours testing new ones :)
So the ones below are great ones, believe me.
I use them every day.
They are all free (freemium but you can survive with the free version).

Elevate. Train your brain 5 min a day. It's addictive, UX is awesome and... it works.

Yahoo New Digest. 8 news a 2 times a day. Nothing more. Great interface and meta data aggregation. Yes it's Yahoo but it's not bad, give it a chance.

Memrise. Learn new languages without noticing. (and choose it you want to "plant" or "water" - check the app to understand).

Feedly. Yes, RSS is still the best way to consume news. And Feedly is the best RSS reader (for me).

Pocket. Because there is a time to pin info and a time to read info. The best "read it later" app ever.

Buffer. Share on social media when people read you. Not when you share the info. (got it?)

Of co…