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A bit of geopolitical stuff: how many migrants die every day?

400 people die per month trying to move illegally to Europe in 2015.
71 people were found dead in a truck in Hungary, trying to do the same thing.
It's sad. Isn't it?
Inequity kills.
Our rich way of life kills.
Recent wars created ISIS and created migrants.

Making people more equal is not the only way the system can work.
But if people are more equally treated, they would be a breaking news shortage in the world. Terrorism fertilizer is not religion, it's inequity and unfairness.

We focus on defeating ISIS. What's the point of defeating them if the price is destroying everything, Middle East and Africa polulations including.

Yes, migrants are doing illegal stuff sometimes and a mot of them are un an illégal situation. Yes they should follow the law. But they have nothing to loose as they lost all they had to come. You can't make people having nothing to loose obey laws.

Instead of only spending more money building walls and hiring more policemen, we should check h…

Focus on doing things, forget the outcome

I wanted to focus on a notion I love:

Focus on doing things the best way and not the result.

Leo Babauta says "Grow a Plant when you’re making changes: you don’t control the outcome, so you can’t get fixated on it"

Josh Bernoff says "We tell each other stories about the smart choices we make, but the stories are like constellations in the sky, connecting dots that have no real connections."

Seth Godin says "Be remarkable Be generous Create art Make judgment calls Connect people and ideas . . . and we have no choice but to reward you."

Why? Because it's relaxing!
Because if you take 30 minutes to check how you got your job, how you met your best friends, how you met your husband or spouse, how you found your flat, how you decided to move where you live now. You'll discover one thing: it was by chance. Of course you did your best to get what you wanted but at the end, chance brought you what you have.
Because it's very funny and pretty relaxing. Ind…

Give a chance to your actual present, the key to eliminate frustration and bitterness?

Most of personal development books say we need to be focus on the present to be happy and successful.
Most buddhist books say the the same thing (for more about the links between personal development and buddhism...)

I've discovered another meaning to this expression very recently (home made discovery, I just found it while writing my personal diary :p). I wanted to share it with you.

The 2 common meanings of "live the present":

1 - Live the present usually means don't worry for the future, for a future that will not happen because things rarely happen the way we think they will happen!

2 - Live the present usually means don't regret! Don't regret a past situation, mistakes you made, choices you made.

And the third one: Live the present means you don't compare your present with virtual presents you build.
Explanation:  When you're proposed a job abroad very well paid. You build a virtual present of you, working abroad and rich. When you change job, yo…

Say yes by default

On social media or in real life, people invite you, suggest you to do things or ask for support.

You can find handfuls of very very good reasons to decline or ignore.

But take a minute or two to consider one thing: your current situation - where you live, what you do, who you live with, etc. - is the result of connexion you did not predicted.

Knowing that, maximizing interactions, give help, participate, join, pay interest too is key to move forward, make your life evolve. I can write dozen of posts on this. I recently read a book by the Dalai Lama and he agree with me. No better way to have a great life than to open arms. The more you give the more you have chances to get a lot in return. I don't think anybody can contest that.

I'm not naive, sometime I accepted thing I should't have accepted or connected with people I did not liked much but is it a catastrophy? Not at all. 
Does it worth filtering too much proposals? Honestly not, failure rate is extremely low.

Example: I took…

Positive mindset is contagious, it's an amazing plague...

Did you know that the best way to get something positive is to be positive?

If you present something in a positive way, people will react positively.
If you ask questions or feedbacks in a positive way, you'll get positive or at least constructive answers.
If you answer positively to questions, you'll have positive outcomes.
People you answer to will feel positive too.
If you do positive stuff, you'll get positive results.
If you're positive with other people you'll feel better.
They'll feel better too.

Yes, it looks naive.
When you're French educated in the cult of pessimism, it's dramatically stupid.
Try it.
Test by yourself how greatly it works.
Try it again.
Benchmark it if you're a real geek and if you still doubt.
Check if it's still naive.

I've seen a colleague presenting something very positive to a pretty tough audience something like a year ago.
I was sure we would receive critics, indifference.
The audience received it very posit…

How I escaped from the "I'll do it later" plague 5 years ago... with 3 todo lists

As a friend of mine, Manuel, said in a recent blog post, "I'll do it later when I'll have time" is a plague.
No need to explain why. You know what I mean. I never do that anymore.
It's unacceptable to not knowing and doing what you really wantThere is a huge risk of letting your busyness or laziness postponing  most of thing you really want in your life and let your basic routine take over every thing: work, TV, internet stuff, series, etc.
Why considering it as a major risk? Because it's pretty sad to spend your whole life not doing what you really want to do because you're don't really think of it and think of how do it
Isn't it?

If you've read the 4-hours workweek, Linchpin, Getting Things Done you know that some tricks and habits are very useful to escape the "I'll do it later" plague. For example, Seth Godin learned me the word "shipping", meaning doing things, acting, challenging the "status quo" (another S…