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We all love a lot of people's traits at the same time

We're supposed to love persons, one person to be precise in our modern societies. I think we love  different people's traits.


You’ll love the charisma of one, they kindness of another, the beauty of another, they eyes of another, they craziness of another, the smell of another, the voice of another, the skin of another, the imagination of another, the facial expression of another, the intelligence of another, the deep generosity of another, the wisdom of another, the smile of another, the style of another, the accent of another, the sense of humor of another, etc.
We all love a lot of people's traits at the same time, and not traits from one person only - our significant one.
We don't call it love because it's a cultural taboo to use this word outside of the classic schema where you love one person at a time. I don't see other words, though. Like is too weak to qualify a sentiment that can be very intense.

Note that love is one way, loving someone doesn…

What should we do to protect our health from the air pollution killing spree?

When people are cold, they wear a scarf and gloves. A bit more than 1 000 people die from hypothermia in the US per year.
When they are hot, they wear a cap. Heatwave can kill a lot sometimes, 70 000 during a recent one in Europe.
To protect their feets, they wear shoes. (Did not found stats saying that not wearing shoes kills, sorry).
To do bicycle, they wear a helmet. To do motorbike, they have a motorcycle vest and a helmet. Half of 1,25 million people dying on roads each year are driving motorbikes, bikes or walking persons.

Terrorism is a huge society issue. 32 000 people were killed from it in 2014.
Malaria killed 438 000 persons in 2015. We fight hard against this.
Same thing for AIDS. 1,2 million people died from it in 2014.
Same thing for bad water, 2 million die from it every year.

What do we do to protect our health from pollution?  6,5 million people could die every year due to air pollution (or 5.5, another source)

As individuals, almost nothing.
We don't adapt our li…

Boring real life vs amazing virtual realities

With our phones we're connected to thousand of people, we can order stuff, get super interesting content, see what's happening everywhere, create companies, fight for causes, help people, share love and get love.

Tomorrow, virtual reality will let us enter in fantastic parallel dimensions.

In comparison, our real life will be so boring.

That's why people check their phone constantly, even with friends or significant ones.
They're just bored. They're just attracted by more exciting content, more impressive dimensions.

The world waits for you - Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Whatsapp groups, Tinder dates, Snapchat friends, Pokemon Go pokemons and hunters- why losing time chatting about ordinary stuff with a handful of friends in an average café.

Why doing one thing in real life when you can at the same time do tons of things at the same time online, chatting with 10 persons at a time, playing and maybe working a bit too.

Why going out to do somewhat cool things…