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Filters suck. Please, TripAdvisor and Yelp...

Hey, TripAdvisor.

I want a restaurant in Copenhagen
3000 restaurants. (Wrong number)

30 euro per person is maximum.
Near the port.
Opened on Sunday.
With an excellent rating.
Local cuisine, please.

So far we're good. Filters work.
Still, 800 restaurants listed, though.

And then. The last mile.
Serving seafood
AND Serving veggie food
Serving octopus
With a terrasse
With some live music tonight
A table with a view on the street

If these filters exist, we'd have a handful of restaurants to choose.

And that's what people want. The choice between handfuls after strict filtering.

Visiting places is over, we'll do immersions into places

Do you know Paris?

Yes, I went there.

Flights are cheap now and some of us travel a lot.

We all "went" to tons of places.

I see a future where we not just "go" places but do something special there.

I see something giving some sense to the travel.

I see an immersion in a temporary new life.